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Sea romance

What can really warm you up during the cold winter days are the thoughts of a sandy beach and the romantic sounds of the waves. Take a deep breath triggered by these thoughts and you are going to feel a smell of the sea salt mixed with the smell of the sun cream. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the warmness of those thoughts.

   It could become even more realistic if we add a little bit of imagination and transfer it all into the interior. Paint your walls into warm sandy tones of colors. You can also apply sandy mass to make it look more authentic. Add also some fine ceramic details in the light pastel colors. Fill it with the made of clean, untreated, rustic wood. Use natural textile materials (such as cotton and linen) in fine sandy tones. Turn your home into a small tropical paradise. Finally, with a glass of wine, the sounds of a piano and, “voila” – your sea romance is there.