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Increase the number of sunny days in your home

Do you feel sad at the end of the summer, because rainy and gray days are coming? Do you want the sunny days to last longer? Do you want to drink your first coffee every morning with the rays of sunlight? What would you say if I offer you a solution to make it happen?

Yellow color belongs to colors of the red spectrum and is considered as a warm color. Some ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian and Chinese, practiced so-called “chromotherapy”, in fact the color therapy. They believed that yellow stimulated the nerves and cleansed the body. Today, many experts that study the effects of color on human character, believe that ones with dominant yellow color can generally be happy people and that they are more eager to take risks than an ordinary person.
Anyhow, color can change your space and stimulate positive feelings. Bring a golden yellow color into your home. Paint the walls, that are daylight reflectors in your home, with a golden yellow color. Just be careful not to overdo it. It is the best to separate the areas what can very boost the real effect of this color in that space.

Another option to bring a little sunlight into your living space is to put some details like pillows, curtains, or some other home textile in yellow. Let it distract your attention and strengthen your warm feelings.