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Due to the lack of labour force, complicated procedures for obtaining permits and later for construction of the facility, the interest has increased for quick resolution of housing, but also for construction of cottages. One of the solutions is the container house, the living spaces that is made of shipping containers. This type of living space is completely different from the classic construction system, but in the same time is much cheaper and way easier for manufacturing. There are several advantages in the construction of such facilities, and among the most important are the construction time and price. However, the other important advantage is the easy maintenance of the facility, its mobility, as well as the fact that instead of complete foundations, only small supporting holes for placing containers are made. Types of container houses Transportation containers are produced all over the world in a standard width of 2.44 m as well as in two standard lengths: 40ft (12-meter) and 20ft (6-meter) containers. Off course, there is the possibility of connecting two, three or more containers so that the desired shape and square footage can be obtained. These containers can be placed on top of each other, and thus get multi-storey buildings. Isolation of the container house The containers are isolated with stone wool, which is an eco-material and at the same time safe in terms of fire protection. As for the containers made of panels, they have purr foam as isolation. If necessary, the foam can be non-combustible, as per customer request.